In no way does my employer approve of what I'm doing here. In my everday life I meet wonderful customers...some of these people leave such a wonderful impression I have to write them a "love note." If you have a story you want to submit shoot it to: DEARRETAILCUSTOMER@GMAIL.COM I'll do my best to post/respond as quick as humanly possible.

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I want to thank all of you for stopping by my little corner of the technowebs. I’m trying to update as often as possible, but between work being ungodly busy and people not being douchebags I’ve found myself with a lack of inspiration.

So what I would like to do is open this little thing up for submissions…

If you have a story/photo/or whatever that you think would make people chuckle send it to DEARRETAILCUSTOMER@GMAIL.COM and I will do everything in my power to post/respond to you as fast as I can.

I love you all!


"My phone isn’t able to make calls for some reason, do you think it’s because of the second coming of Christ?"