In no way does my employer approve of what I'm doing here. In my everday life I meet wonderful customers...some of these people leave such a wonderful impression I have to write them a "love note." If you have a story you want to submit shoot it to: DEARRETAILCUSTOMER@GMAIL.COM I'll do my best to post/respond as quick as humanly possible.

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Don’t screw over someone’s paycheck because you’re an idiot who refuses to ask a simple question after having the same issue three times before. There isn’t some massive global conspiracy to rob you of 7GB. Take a minute to think about things before you derp.


"I just hate how much maintenance I have to do just to make this thing (Atrix) work. If I want to save a contact I have to push a button, if I want to send a text I have to pick the contact…I just hate this damn thing."

(exchanges her Atrix for an iPhone)

"GOD I hate this fucking phone…I have to plug it into iTunes to do anything." (storms off angrily).

Sadly she did not get hit by a bus or anything on the way to her car.


Customer: “I hate Android, it’s too hard. I can’t ever figure out how to go to the home screen”
Me: “You hit the button that looks like a house.”
Customer: “When you say it like that of course it makes me look retarded.”
Me: “I don’t know how to respond to this.”


I fucking hate my iPhone…Apple products are such pieces of shit.  Do you know when the 5 comes out cause I think I want to upgrade to that one.”

I honestly do not see how people can say something like this without feeling retarded?