In no way does my employer approve of what I'm doing here. In my everday life I meet wonderful customers...some of these people leave such a wonderful impression I have to write them a "love note." If you have a story you want to submit shoot it to: DEARRETAILCUSTOMER@GMAIL.COM I'll do my best to post/respond as quick as humanly possible.

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I fucking hate my iPhone…Apple products are such pieces of shit.  Do you know when the 5 comes out cause I think I want to upgrade to that one.”

I honestly do not see how people can say something like this without feeling retarded?


One of the best ways to get the best customer service possible is get all doped up on percocet and storm in and yell at people who didn’t sell you anything in the first place.  Or wait, maybe that was the exact opposite way you should act.  I can never remember these things.


Please don’t use our demo phones to research your family history. I know finding out your dad isn’t your actual dad is a pretty big deal…but a retail store with other customer isn’t quite the best place for that don’t you think? -RG