In no way does my employer approve of what I'm doing here. In my everday life I meet wonderful customers...some of these people leave such a wonderful impression I have to write them a "love note." If you have a story you want to submit shoot it to: DEARRETAILCUSTOMER@GMAIL.COM I'll do my best to post/respond as quick as humanly possible.

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Do people ever walk into grocery stores and start making demands?

"I want a 16 ounce rib eye steak, cooked, and fed to me by virgins.  It must be accompanied by a fine red wine, aged 50 years, and served in a crystal goblet.  There has to be a full orchestra to play the work of Beethoven while the virgins feed me.  Also, I refuse to pay for any of this."

Why is it okay to walk into a cellphone store and make such demands? Fuck off.